About Kakuro Puzzles

I first got interested in Kakuro puzzles when I spotted a book on these curious beasties and in the front was the peculiar claim that they couldn't be created on a computer. That sounded like a challenge to me so here we are.

Just like the Sudoku and Gogen puzzles, every day, I put a brand new, unique, symmetrical Kakuro puzzle on this web site for you to print out and solve and it doesn't cost you a thing.

Unlike the Sudokus, Kakuro puzzles take a bit more solving so I have provided web pages with the unique number sets and all number sets to help. Also, I have made a PDF file of all 502 valid Kakuro sequences (right) with their eliminated numbers and sums so that you can see them on one page - the printout is a bit small but weigh up the gain of having only one sheet to look at. In addition, I have also written a tutorial so even if you are a complete novice, you can have a go and realise the enjoyment of doing these puzzles. Additonally, I have formatted the pages so that they can be viewed on a smartphone easily.

Again, these puzzles are produced by my computer, only for this site, using a computer program that I wrote myself in Perl. The solver part of my program uses logic and maths, it does not use brute-force. As a result of this, you will be able to solve them using just logic and maths.

Have fun...

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