Daily Sudoku Puzzle

Every day, I put a brand new, unique, symmetrical Sudoku puzzle on this web site for you to print out and solve. This doesn't cost you a thing other than printing it out. These puzzles are not part of some syndication scheme - I make them on this site for this site only using a computer program that I wrote myself in Perl.

Note that there is a different puzzle for every day of the week including weekends so this is for the true addict.
Note also that I am based in the UK so midnight (roughly when the new sudoku is made) is based on UK time (GMT or BST, depending on the time of the year)

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For yesterday's solution, click here.

Note: at the top of each puzzle, there is a number
which is actually the date in YYYYMMDD order so
you can find the solution you need easier in the archive.

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