Uber- Ultra- and Hyper-Gogen Puzzles

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Gogens are a generic word puzzle (the name 'Gogen' is not trademarked) that uses a 5x5 grid that is marked with some letters and, using the words provided, the solver has to place the remaining letters on the grid. You might have seen them in some newspapers but the puzzles that I produce here are a little more difficult to solve. Click here to go to the puzzle books page.Just like the Sudoku and Kakuro puzzles, every day, I put brand new, unique, Uber-Gogen, Ultra- and Hyper-Gogen puzzles on this web site for you to print out and solve and it doesn't cost you a thing. Also, like the Kakuros puzzles, they get harder as the week goes on.

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The UberGogen puzzle uses the standard corner, face-centre and body centre clues but as the week goes on, the word list includes fewer of them. On the Monday, there can upto one of the letters missing from the word list - you might find, say, that the letter 'W' isn't included in the word list and it might be that its position is already defined as one of the declared letters although it might be that it is not. As the week progresses, the chance of an increasing number of missing declarations manifests itself until, on a Sunday, there can be as many as seven missing. The puzzle is still soluble but you have fewer clues as to where things go.

The UltraGogen displays fewer declared letters as the week progresses, working its way through a number of patters, starting at eight declarations and finishing the week declaring just two or three letters on a Sunday although in the case of the UltraGogen, all of the letters in the puzzle are always in the word clues.

The HyperGogen throws away all that is familiar, apart from, perhaps the fact that you are using letters of the alphabet. There, the similarity ends. Not all of the declared letters have to be in the clue words and not all of the 25 letters have to be found in the clue words. As though that was not enough, the clue words can have letters appearing more than once, they are not limited to words three or more letters and the clue words consist only of the letter bonds without any similarity to words in any language other than by accident.

 Gogen Type
Located clue letters 9 9 2-8 2-6
All 25 letters found in word clues Yes No Yes No
All word clues longer than two letters Yes Yes Yes No
Only Latin letters used Yes Yes Yes Yes
All 25 letters linked Yes No Yes No
Real words used as clues Yes Yes Yes No
Letter used only once in words Yes Yes Yes No
Time to do puzzle in minutes 5-10 10-30 20-90 20-150

Again, these puzzles are produced by my computer, only for this site, using a computer program that I wrote myself in Perl. The solver part of my program uses logic only, it does not use brute-force and as a result of this, you will be able to solve them using just logic and yes, the ones with only two or three anchor-letter clues in them are possible to do - I've done them myself.

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