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Apart from the obvious negative aspect of getting so adicted to them to such an extent that you start neglecting the rest of your life, puzzles keep your brian active and sharp.

For this site, I have written some programs that generate a number of puzzles so that there is a fresh, never-been-published-before one every day that you can download and solve for free. You don't need to have an account or log-in and you don't need to pay anything. You will need to print the puzzle out or copy it down (good luck with the Kakuro puzzles there) but apart from that, there is no cost. You can buy books from Amazon of 250 Uber- Ultra- and Hyper-Gogen puzzles for yourself or a gift for somebody who is into puzzles - just go to the Gogen Books page for detais.

Briefly, you will find Sudoku puzzles and if you want to make it a bit harder, there are some that use a writing system for the numbers that most people are not familiar with so looking at a 3x3 square or a row or column, a missing number will not automatically jump out at you.

In additon, there are two Kakuro puzzles published each day, one from the easier end of the spectrum and one from the harder end. During te course of the week, the kakuro puzzles get larger and more involved, starting on a Monday until on a Sunday, you have the biggest, like so...

Now, there is a new puzzle group - the Gogen group. We are familiar with the fairly easy and quick-to-do Gogen puzzles that you can find in the local newspaper each day - they take about five to ten minutes.

The Gogen puzzles on this site represent the dark side: where there are fewer anchor-point letters represented in the clue-words (Uber-Gogen); where there are fewer anchor-point letters in the puzzle (Ultra-Gogen); and, were not only are there fewer anchor-point letters in the clue-words and in the puzzle but you don't even get word clues that are in the dictionary (not intentionally, any way). These latter ones are called Hyper-Gogen puzzles and they, like all of the other Gogen puzzles on this site, increase in difficulty as the week goes on.

The puzzle programs run on the server that produces them between midnight and one in the morning GMT or BST depending upon the time of the year.


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